“Singing is not just a bunch of lyrics on a page, but a story that needs to be told through the life experiences of the performer.”

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Honestly your amazing! I felt much more in control and aware. The cast was literally hugging me last night because they could hear the improvements.

- Tamika

Private Voice Lessons

Tielle will tailor a lesson plan to meet the unique needs of each student. A typical lesson includes warming up the body, vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises, and vocal technique using songs selected specifically to target areas needing improvement.

Special focus is placed on:

  • Audition preparation
  • Breath Support and Control
  • Body Alignment
  • Resonation
  • Intonation
  • Diction and Articulation
  • Vocal Stamina and Health
  • Increasing Vocal Range
  • Ear Training
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Building Repertoire
  • Interpretation of Music


“You really are so much more than a vocal instructor. I feel like Lila is being educated and directed and lead to and prepared for incredible opportunities when she meets with you! You are worth your weight in gold!”

– Anna (Parent)


“I just had my senior recital and it went so well! I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me and helping me to grow into a better performer and artist. I wouldn't be the person & performer I am today without u and I'm so grateful! thank you so much.”

– Chelsea


“Madison has learned so much and always feels so good about herself after her lesson.”

– Debra (Parent)


“My daughter always looks forward to her voice lesson with Tielle, and likes the way she gets feedback in order to improve her singing ability.”

– Tess (Parent)


“I am on the road to becoming the singer I have always dreamt I could be.”

Tielle has been my vocal training “rock” for the past year and a half. Since first starting with Tielle, my vocal technique and range have grown leaps and bounds, and I am on the road to becoming the singer I have always dreamt I could be. She is the best vocal coach and mentor I have ever worked with, and I will continue to go to Tielle for advice even after moving to New York. Tielle is immediately able to discern a problem with my technique and is able to find a personalized way to help whatever this sort of vocal “blockage” is. She is the first person I turn to when I am vocally struggling and am in need of advice, and she never hesitates to help. Tielle also reinforces the importance of self-care and positivity towards yourself, your mind, and your body, which has proven invaluable to me. Tielle is a huge part of my journey as an artist, and I seriously recommend that you try letting her be a part of yours.

– Kristina (Student)

“If you are someone who wants to set your voice free, I can not recommend Tielle enough.”

We met Tielle shortly before my daughter began 7th grade. When Tielle asked what my daughter hoped to gain from her coaching sessions, she answered, “I want to learn how to control my voice.” Tielle responded “Instead of controlling your voice, I want you to set it free.” And together, that is what they have accomplished. When someone has the gift of music, there’s a bit of magic that happens when they sing. In the two and a half years since my daughter began vocal coaching with Tielle, I have watched (and heard) her transform from a 12 year old who had some potential to someone who is able to create that magic with her voice. Tielle’s investment in her students is extremely unique to her studio. She attends their performances, understands their goals, plays to strengths for auditions and works to make vocal improvements during weekly sessions. She also educates students in vocal technique and the physiology of the voice. Tielle was able to target the unhealthy practices that my daughter had taught herself and then implement new, healthy techniques so that her voice could grow into a fuller, more polished sound with well developed support. Tielle makes her students comfortable and confident before their auditions. She helps find the audition pieces that best highlight her students strengths and casting preferences. She will print out the sheet music, transpose it if necessary and then record herself playing a live accompaniment to rehearse with. I have seen my daughter walk into Tielle’s feeling nervous and insecure about an upcoming audition and leave her session confident and stronger than ever. It is wonderful and amazing to see this type of change happen in a one hour window. When there are no auditions to prepare for, students work to improve their vocal technique. For my daughter, who is a soprano, this has meant working to improve an underdeveloped belt and mix voice. This has been a challenge for her and Tielle once gave her wonderful advice and said “Sometimes it takes a lot of sounding bad to make it sound good.” Instead of staying within my daughter’s vocal comfort zone, Tielle has challenged her to go beyond it and she has inspired my daughter to keep growing as a vocal artist, even when it takes diligence and hard work and a bit of sounding bad from time to time. Now my daughter is able to nail an audition when using a song that isn’t in her wheelhouse and that she couldn’t have dreamed of belting six months ago. Honestly, Tielle is worth her weight in gold and for every casting success that my daughter celebrates, it is because of Tielle. If you are someone who wants to set your voice free, I can not recommend Tielle enough.

– Anna (Parent)

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