I’ve helped thousands of singers build confidence in their vocal and audition techniques that have proven results.

Vocal Audition Mastery

If you want to feel more confident and better prepared for your next audition, this is the course for you.


Your song selection, outfit, headshot and resume all represent you as a BRAND. Presenting yourself in a professional and cohesive manner gives the audition panel a clear sense of who you are as an artist.


Finding a routine that promotes healthy singing brings both joy and consistency. Singing requires muscle memory and that takes time. Build a vocal routine for success.


Singing is all about storytelling. Lyrics are a roadmap that the lyricist has set in place for the performer to follow.  When choosing a song, select one that you connect with on a deeper level, straight from the heart.


“Now my daughter is able to nail an audition when using a song that isn’t in her wheelhouse and that she couldn’t have dreamed of belting six months ago. Honestly, Tielle is worth her weight in gold and for every casting success that my daughter celebrates, it is because of Tielle.”

– Anna


People Are Talking

“Under Tielle's instruction, we see incredible growth in our performers confidence, vocal range, and the quality of their storytelling.”

– Shayna Ronen - Theatrical Producer

By Invitation Only

This course is available by invitation only. Please contact Tielle for more information.

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