Vocal Audition Mastery

Speaking from Experience...

If we haven’t officially met, my name is Tielle Baker and I know my way around an audition room! Not only have I had a successful 30 year career on stage, but I’ve also helped thousands of singers build confidence in their vocal and audition techniques that have proven results.

  • A step-by-step guide to auditioning like a pro
  • Become a confident performer with these tools
  • 6 audition-ready songs
Routine Execution

Tielle has built a multi-faceted warm-up routine that builds healthy vocal muscles and helps eliminate tension.

Research Formula

Discover how to find the perfect song for you!

Packaging Your Performance

Building a seamless audition package is key to a successful audition. Preparation is your most powerful tool.


People Are Talking
Shayna Ronen

Under Tielle's instruction, we see incredible growth in our performers confidence, vocal range, and the quality of their storytelling.

Shayna Ronen - Theatrical Producer

I Can Do That Theatre Company
Confidence and Community through Stellar Musical Theatre Training

Shayna Ronen is the Founder of the I Can Do That Performing Arts Center a youth nonprofit based in Danville, CA. The Center uses the power of community, wellness programming, and the performing arts to fuel our youth: the individuals who will be the problem-solvers, citizens and leaders we need in this world. www.ICanDoThatPAC.org. Shayna grew up performing since age 9 in Walnut Creek and studied at New York University before returning to the Bay Area. She is overjoyed to be bringing her love of theatre to a new generation of performers. Contact 925-718-5899

Now my daughter is able to nail an audition when using a song that isn’t in her wheelhouse and that she couldn’t have dreamed of belting six months ago. Honestly, Tielle is worth her weight in gold and for every casting success that my daughter celebrates, it is because of Tielle.

Anna (Parent)
People Are Talking
Eryn Allen

Tielle is the BEST!!! Her knowledge of technique, repertoire and style is second to none and she really knows how to pull the best sound out of every individual singer.

Eryn Allen - Music Director
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